Our History

Established 1990

Resurrection Life Church and World Ministry Center (Rezlife Church) began in the home of Bill and Sharon Predovich on January 7, 1990. After several years of ministry activity, God called them to begin a local church. The new congregation soon outgrew the Predovich's home and first moved to a school in Eden Prairie. Minnesota.  Later they relocated to a small church building in Bloomington. As the church growth continued, both in numbers and relationships, another expansion was necessary, this time to a warehouse space. It was at this location in Minnetonka where many new ministries and departments were added to the church body life. Several overseas mission outreaches were also launched at that time.

Since June of 1994 the congregation of Resurrection Life Church has resided in Eden Prairie on a ten-acre site with easy access to two main highways in the western Minneapolis/St. Paul suburban area. In this current location the children's ministry, youth ministry, counseling ministry and various other departments have flourished. At present there are approximately 300 adult and children regular attendees, coming from over twenty-five different cities in the metropolitan area. It is an international church with many cultural and ethnic backgrounds represented in the congregation.

Resurrection Life has assisted in starting five other area churches, helped build an orphanage and school in Vijayawada, India, and participated in building a women's Bible school in Cochin, India. The congregation also supports Rezlife Church in Lubowa, Uganda, a prayer center in Kenya, and influences and encourages lives in downtown Minneapolis, northern Minnesota, surrounding states and many other nations of the world. 

The people of Resurrection Life Church are especially known for their love. They desire to touch lives and affect others everywhere they go. Jesus is the Life, the Reason for existence and the Purpose for which these believers exist. It is God's power, passion and presence that make Resurrection Life Church and World Ministry Center unique.

In 2019, Resurrection Life Church sold the main buildings and associated land in Eden Prairie. Since that time, we have moved towards 1) focused missions with minimal overhead 2) Micro-Church Families. We believe God is moving not only us, but many other churches towards more intimate worship and family experiences that transform lives into the image of Christ. Others will know us by our love for one another.

Our Culture

  • A Place to find Life. The Author of Life is here to bring resurrection power to each of us.
  • A Place of Love. The Bible tells us to love one another as Christ loved us. We love people.
  • A Place of Laughter. Boredom is not an attribute of God. We love to laugh, play, fellowship, and enjoy one another.
  • A Place of Freedom. We believe in our freedom in Christ with a responsibility to live as a light to the world.
  • A Place of Worship. We love to express our worship and praise with hands lifted up. Our worship is contemporary, lively, powerful, and heartfelt.
  • A Place of the Word. We love to study and learn God’s Word because we recognize its power to guide, refresh, teach, train and equip us in our daily lives.  
  • A Place of Training Leaders and Ministers
  • A Spiritual Place. We are a praying church. We take time to pray for one another regularly. Almost every time we get together for worship we minister at the altar to encourage one another.
  • A Place of Healing. We pray for ourselves and for others, believing God is the Healer of all sickness, disease and heartbreak. 
  • A Place of Vision. We are a growing church with exciting plans for the future. We think big because our God is big.