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Micro-Church Families

I am very excited about this time of church transition where we all take a more active part as co-ministers of the gospel.  It is important to note that God is leading us to a new way to do church and, maybe for that matter, a new way to do life!

MCF: Micro Church Family

Why: God is directing us to build relationship one-to-another as Godly families; to equip and support one another as a chain link fence - multiple avenues, instead of chain with one point of potential failure. This makes for a stronger church when times are tough. It also provides for a smaller home setting that many God is wanting to reach may prefer.

Are you looking for a church?  You might like an MCF if you are looking for..

  1. Food, fun and fellowship
  2. Solid personal connection
  3. Praise and worship
  4. Teaching, discussion and testimonies
  5. Discipleship, prayer, encouragement and support
  6. A place to bring the hurting and lost to receive healing, find love and relationship with the living God
  7. Ministry to one another utilizing spiritual gifts and in other practical ways
  8. Bible, leadership and outreach training
  9. Special gatherings, retreats, adventures, picnics, game nights, outreaches, missions trips

Each MCF will vary in size but is expected to be between 5 and 25.  After 25, we will be starting additional Micro-Church Families and continue to grow - and grow we will!.

Some MCF will have children's ministries from the beginning - teaching, worshiping, learning bible stories, doing activities and having fun.  

Some MCF or "Extensions" will have youth groups, bible studies, retreats, women's weekends, senior ministries, marriage, young adults, etc.  Many of these might be delayed until we get our footing about the essential Micro-Church Family operations but we recognize the importance of each of these and will address them in upcoming months.