MCF Updates

See our Facebook page for regular updates.  These updates include progress and important announcements as well as weather related bulletins and closures you need to know about.  

  • 2019-10-15 Micro-church update

    Wow!  What a great week.  God is good and we had some powerful services at the 5 Micro-Church Family (MCF) locations and Youth group.  A total of 69 adults and children (including hosts) were in attendance and we had a number of new guests.  We are so grateful to God for his continued guidance and grace each week as we gain our footing.  


    Thank you also to those who have come out to support us each week.  It is such an encouragement to us and we enjoy the refreshing times of worship, word, children's ministries and fellowship (including food!).  These are special times.  As Pastor Bill has said in the past (others have said this as well), don't despise small beginnings.  God has in the past and will in the future guide us where he wants us to go.  


    Youth group continues strong at our Rez Life Waconia location where teens are learning to take the lead in serving and not remain passive.  Keep these young people in prayer as they go to the ReThink Apologetics conference November 8 and 9.  We pray that this seminar will be a strong tool in equipping our soon-to-be college age kids with the knowledge and boldness to not only defend the gospel against heresy but also give them the confidence that what they carry in their hands (bible) is verifiably what was written in the 1st century and is the true Word of God.  If you know some teens or young adults that would like to go to this, instructions are on the website.


    We also had a great time at the twice-a-month Thursday evening worship teaching, practice and free worship night.  These are for training in technical aspects such as harmony and worship set construction, put into practice the technical training, practice for the All Church Celebration (1st Sunday of the month), spend time and flow in worship.  Times are shown on the calendar and location is Rez Life Chanhassen.


    Lastly, please plan on attending the All Church Celebration November 3rd at Rez Life Waconia.  That Sunday all Micro-Church Families, friends, guests (everyone is welcome) will have a combined celebration service with Pastors Bill and Sharon.  There is room for about 60, so registration opportunity will be setup later this week and available so you can make sure to reserve a spot :-)


    That's it for now.  I pray we will see you on Sunday at one of the MCFs at 10AM or 2PM.  As always, we encourage you to let your host know you are coming and what you might bring to share in the meal. 

    Love you all!

    Pastor Lee Valle
    Resurrection Life Church and World Ministry Center


  • 2019-10-07 Micro-church Update

    What an amazing day!  We had 5 Micro-Church Families (MCFs) with their initial services.  Thank you to those who came to support and participate in the kick-off.  The worship. The Word.  The Ministry.  The Fellowship.  All amazing and I am so thankful to God for pouring out his spirit.  I believe for most of us, afterwards, we were ready for a well-deserved mid-afternoon nap. 

    This coming week we move from Acts 1 to Acts 2: One of the most exciting chapters in the bible as the Holy Spirit is poured out like a "mighty rushing wind".  This is exciting because it not only changed the lives of the disciples and turned the world upside down but still changes lives today; helping us to live a life filled with his overcoming power.  This message is for YOU!

    I know you'll want to be there, so below are the forms or emails to let your host know you are coming and coordinate food:

    One change beginning this week: Rez Life Carver will meet starting at 2PM Sundays featuring adult and children's ministries plus food (worship, word and food - what could be better? :-))

    Youth ministries continue at Rez Life Waconia on Wednesday's 7PM where the youth are learning to be leaders and ministers of the gospel.  It's an exciting time.  Also, remember the ReThink Apologetics Conference November 8 and 9.  Details can be found on the calendar.

    Pastoral Care Ministries is now available.  This ministry is geared around counseling and prayer.  You may call the church at 952-934-LIFE (5433) to request an appointment.  

    November 3rd is our All Rez Life Family and Friends meeting from 4PM - 6PM.  Location: TBD (will send out notice at a later time.)  This event will be hosted by Pastors Bill and Sharon and have worship, word, birthday celebration, cake and fellowship.  It will be a great time and ALL ARE INVITED!!  Yay!

    Please keep your MCF leaders in prayer and see what you can do to volunteer or how you can help.  We are looking forward to seeing each of you in the upcoming service on October 13.  

    Love you all! 

    Pastor Lee Valle

  • 2019-10-01 Update

    Families, the time has finally come! This Sunday October 6 marks the start of 5 Micro-Church Families (MCF). Each will meet at 10AM at the following locations.

    Rez Life...

    • Form: Belle Plaine Email:

    • Form: Carver Email:

    • Form: Chanhassen Email:

    • Form: Eden Prairie Email:

    • Form: Shakopee Email:

    As always, you are welcome to visit each MCF on subsequent weeks to find the family that best fits your needs. See for details and directions to each location.

    Also, remember that November 3rd we will meet as a full church from 4 - 6PM. More information will follow for this but ALL are invited - friends, family, guests and childcare is provided. That will also be Birthday Sunday so can prepared to fellowship and have coffee and cake afterwards.

    Lastly, if you have not already, please let your host know you are coming by emailing using the link to the form or email above. This will help with setup and food planning. If you are able to bring a main dish, side dish or dessert to share, also let them know.

    Love you all and see you on Sunday!

    Pastor Lee

  • 2019-09-25 Micro-Church Family Update

    Well, only about 1-1/2 weeks to go until the start of Micro-Church families! Which one are you going to? We invite you to participate in each MCF weekly to find which one best fits your style and needs. And that's an interesting point - each church will have its own unique style but all will have a heart of worship, word, ministry and connection. In addition, pastoral care appointments are now available. Use the Event Registration form in the Events calendar ( for the MCF you will be attending to let your host know you are coming and what food they can expect you might bring to share. If you have questions about food or cannot bring some, it's okay. Just let your MCF leader know.

    This update is brief because some of your MCF leaders are in Israel (including me!). We are looking forward to a great time starting October 6.

    We love you all and are excited to finally be close to underway.

    Pastor Lee

  • 2019-09-17 Update

    Can you believe it? Only 3 weeks until Micro Churches start - and I can hardly wait! Last Sunday our leadership training was at Rez Life Shakopee and we had a marvelous time of worship, word and fellowship. These are key traits you can expect at each MCF (Micro-Church Family.) That's the reason we are confident you will want to invite others to come. God puts people in your path and, as ministers of the Gospel (all of us), He asks us to reach them. That can sound intimidating but, it can be very easy to say... "can I pray with you? By the way, we have a great Micro-Church Family that you would really enjoy coming to. Would you like to come with me?" How easy is that? Our goal is to reach people with the love of God and connection with an MCF family that will lead to salvation.

    Every Wednesday our youth ministries at Rez Life Waconia continue to have great times as lives are changed and they, in turn, reach out to others. Also the Book Study on Wednesdays at Waconia Carabou also is a time for adults to spend in fellowship and study. Contact for details.

    Please be in prayer for a group from Rez Life headed to Israel September 18 - 28 that we have a life changing time there and the Holy Spirit brings us additional revelation and understanding of his word, geo-political forces and how to focus our prayers to be of most effect... that we return with a new boldness and knowledge of Him.

    As always, as you plan to attend an MCF (and you are welcome to try all of them on subsequent weeks) please use the calendar to alert your host you are coming and what food you might share.

    Lastly, remember that November 3rd (and the 1st Sunday of each subsequent month) we will be meeting as a large Rez Life family with Pastors Bill and Sharon from 4 - 6PM at Chapel Hill Academy in Chanhassen. All are welcome and encouraged to invite your friends. It is also Birthday celebration Sunday so, cake and coffee afterwards. Child ministries through grade 5 are provided.

    We love you all and are praying for you.

    Pastor Lee

  • 2019-09-08 Update

    Wow! What a fantastic time of worship, communion, word, children’s ministry and fellowship we had this week. Last week we were at Rez Life Belle Plaine as previously reported and absolutely loved it. This week we were at Rez Life Chanhassen staking our claim for the Kingdom of God and the moving of the Holy Spirit. We have only four weeks and two more stops in our leadership training times before Micro-Church Families are open for all to attend. October 6 at 10AM is that day when we have our first MCF meetings in Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Carver, Shakopee and Belle Plaine. See the page for details and to alert your MCF host you are coming.

    Youth ministry had another amazing week at Rez Life Waconia on Wednesday. I love it when young people are having a great time with each other and in God’s presence – learning how to be young people on-fire for God. Don’t forget there is the Apologetics conference coming as well.

    As noted previously, the Book Club also is available for adults on Wednesday evenings in Waconia. Both the Book club and Youth Group can be found at

    It’s not too late to sign up for the September 13 men’s Steak Fry! The guest speaker will be Jamie Langer, head of Waconia Fellowship of Christian Athletes. You can sign up at

    Once again, I would encourage you to let the Micro-Church Family that you are coming and what food you might be bringing. There is fellowship following the service at each location and we ask, if possible (it’s not a requirement), that you bring something to share (ask your host what is needed). When you register for the event on it helps us ensure we have enough food for all.

    Much more information on the events page so check there for specific dates, times and locations.

    We love you all and are excited to begin building Micro-Church Families every week. Come, taste and see that the Lord is good and His mercy is everlasting.

    Email with questions.

    Pastor Lee

  • 2019-09-01 Update

    Can you believe it? Only 5 weeks until Micro-Churches begin! Your leadership team has been hard at work preparing our homes, studying lesson plans, service logistics and praying, praying, praying. That is also our hope for you – that you are praying for your pastors, leaders and those helping to make this major move into Micro-Church Families a great experience and one where the Holy Spirit has the freedom to flow in power and in might.

    Last Sunday we met at Rez Life Belle Plaine for a leadership service. In addition, we anointed Mark and Jami for service and “staked” out the ground for God. No weapon formed against us shall prosper – and the stake represents a boundary marker that the ground and locations are God’s. The service along with the anointing, stake and prayer of dedication was a powerful time.

    Our Youth continue to meet at Rez Life Waconia on Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM and this week the youth brought visitors! What? You mean the Youth are actually reaching out to those God puts in their path to invite to the group and be discipled? Yup! They are learning how to be mighty men and women of God – unashamed of the Gospel and confident in their testimony. In fact, they are attending an Apologetics conference (defense of the Gospel) in November. See for details and email with any questions.

    The Book Club also is available for adults on Wednesday evenings in Waconia. Both the Book club and Youth Group can be found at

    On September 13, the men are having a Steak Fry! The guest speaker this year will be Jamie Langer, head of Waconia Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This will be an amazing time of fellowship, food and testimony. You can sign up at

    Lastly, I would encourage you to let the Micro-Church Family that you are coming and what food you might be bringing. There is food and fellowship following the service at each location and we ask, if possible (it’s not a requirement), that you bring something to share. Registering at the event on will help us ensure we have enough food quantity and type.

    Whew! That’s a lot of info. If you have any questions after checking the events calendar, please ask at

    I am EXCITED!! Pastor Lee

  • 2019-08-25 Update

    2019-08-25 update: Rest assured, your Micro-Church Family (MCF) leadership teams have been diligently planning and training. And there are only 6 weeks till our first MCF meeting! In fact, there are 5 MCFs for you to choose from: Rez Life Chanhassen, Rez Life Carver, Rez Life Shakopee, Rez Life Belle Plaine, Rez Life Missions House. See for directions.

    All MCF will meet 10AM on Sundays and at, each MCF has a link included in the event information so you can let the host know you are coming, how many and what you are bringing to share. This is not essential but really helps with MCF planning.

    More great news! Our monthly “All Church, MCF and Friends Celebration” beginning in November has a new location… Chapel Hill Academy, Chanhassen from 4PM – 6PM. This answers the question of how we will fit all the people (all are welcome – both attenders and guests!) into a house. And, you guessed it… time and location information is on the events calendar starting November 3rd. Full worship, word, ministry and fellowship.

    Youth update: last week we had 16 and an absolutely great time filled with fun, activities, word and ministry. In addition to weekly ministry, many will be attending a November apologetics conference at Grace Church. Information for the conference is also in the events calendar. Folks, ministry to our youth is a vital activity you can take part in as an assistant. Contact for how you can help.

    For adults, at the same time as youth ministry, there is the Book Study at Caribou, Waconia.

    I love you all and pray you will come to a Micro-Church Family, taste and see that the Lord is good and that his mercy is everlasting – AND – that His spirit flows. Bring your friends and, if possible, please alert the MCF you are coming using the event form at

    Pastor Lee

  • 2019-08-19 Update

    Micro-Church Families

    Well, only 6 weeks until we go-live with Micro-Church Families in Belle Plaine, Carver, Chanhassen and Shakopee. During August and September we are doing prayer, preparation and leadership training – all so that, when we open the Micro-Churches in October, we are ready for what God is bringing. What is he bringing? Family! Some of those family we already know. God also has an extended family waiting to be reached and loved, and we look forward to seeing the harvest. 

    These past 3 weeks of leadership training have made me more excited than ever about what God is doing and the impact the MCFs will have. This past week, in addition to the training, we also did baptism.

    ** NOTE: If you are wanting to be baptized, please let me know. Another baptism is possible before Fall but I need to know. ** 

    Youth and Book study

    Youth ministry for grades 6-12 continues Wednesday evenings from 6:30PM - 8:00PM at Rez Life Waconia (9025 Airport Rd., Waconia, MN 55387.) Attendance has been great and they are having a wonderful time of fun, fellowship, word and ministry.

    For the adults dropping off their teens, the book study "Come to Papa: Encountering the Father That Jesus Knew" by Gary Wiens continues at a local cafe / coffee shop hosted by Esther Young.

    For more information, please contact Mark and Jami at

    General Notes

    I know it is hard to wait and I hope these updates help you know what is going on and the great things ahead. However, most importantly, I want you to know that we are praying for you. We are praying that the Holy Spirit guides your heart in Christ Jesus with the peace of God that passes our understanding. I can’t tell you exactly why I am so convinced this is the right path for Resurrection Life Church. But, I have no doubts that this is the right direction and we are simply following his clear direction.

    Be blessed. We love you all. If you have questions, please reach out to me at

    ~ Pastor Lee

  • 2019-08-11 Update

    Well, we had another amazing Leadership Training weekend on Giving. Did you know that Giving is a lifestyle of submission to God and not just about money? Money is an area we often struggle with and yet, God is looking for us to be Givers in every area of our lives including money. When we are givers - knowing He is the one who supplies our needs and the giver of all we have - He can pour out his blessing on us. 

    Only 8 more weeks until we start Micro Church Families and I am very excited (see for locations and times). The family experience is fulfilling, refreshing …AND... we will still get together as a larger family body the first Sunday of each month beginning in November.   

    Here are a couple quick updates for you. 

    1. 15 attended the Youth Group this week and had an absolutely amazing time! It is underway Wednesdays 6:30PM to 8PM at Rez Life Waconia – for Grades 6 – 12
    2. The Book Study also started this week at Caribou, Waconia – Wednesdays 6:30PM to 8PM. Come, drop off kids at Youth Group and then come for a cup of coffee, fellowship and discussion
    3. Check out the Events calendar for timing and locations.
    4. Aimee Kyambadde, Debra Baum, Pat and Carl Huseth have begun planning for the Pastoral Care Ministries and have great ministry ahead. More to follow but I am very excited about the amazing things God is doing in this and each of the other areas of ministry. 
    5. Lastly, there will be other “extensions” as we move into October and beyond – such as Thursday night worship time and training at Rez Life Chanhassen plus more.   
    6. I would like to check if there were those who are interested in water baptism and, more specifically, have family members (or themselves) who are ready to take that important step of sharing your Faith in God through being baptized.   If this is something you have been considering or are ready to do, please contact me at

    Check the Events calendar and watch Facebook for updates and email with any questions. Remember: Come, taste and see that the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever. You will never by the same. 

    Thank you and God bless you., Pastor Lee

  • 2019-08-04 Update

    Only 9 weeks until Micro-Church Families start! In the meantime, your leadership team is meeting, training and preparing to serve our families starting in October. After our first MCF Leadership Sunday (MCF Leadership only, sorry) I am super-pumped about the Micro-Churches and what God is doing. Get ready for Rez Life 2.0! Which Micro-Church will you go to? See our times and locations at  

    We are also happy to announce that Pastoral Care ministries (counseling, prayer, etc.) is in the works under the leadership of Pastor Aimee Kyambadde.  How cool is it to be able to invite the hurting and lost to a MCF to find the love of Christ, receive salvation and healing in all areas of their life!  More details on this vital ministry will follow in upcoming weeks.  

    Stay blessed and in God's word! We love you all and are praying for you and His blessings to be upon you and your family. 

    Pastor Lee


    Youth ministry for grades 6-12 will be on Wednesday evenings from 6:30PM - 8:00PM at Pastor Bill and Sharon's house (9025 Airport Rd., Waconia, MN 55387.)  This important ministry will be headed by Mark and Jami Kruschke and is open for all Micro-Church Families, those whose families are seeking or in transition and guests.  In addition, we are seeking and praying for an assistant willing to be mentored with the goal of running the ministry with a team in a year. 

    For the adults dropping off their teens, there will be a book study at a local cafe / coffee shop hosted by Esther Young.  The book will be "Come to Papa: Encountering the Father That Jesus Knew" by Gary Wiens.

    For more information, please contact Mark and Jami at


    Now at RezLife -- Online Giving!  With the transitions taking place currently here at Rez Life, we have updated our ministry website and have also activated an online giving feature.  It is now very simple to continue giving tithes and offerings to Resurrection Life Ministries through our official website.

    On our church website you can navigate to the "Giving" tab or follow this link: to go there directly.  There are one-time and/or recurring giving options and givers will receive immediate acknowledgement of success.  

    For questions about online giving, please reach out to Pastor Lee Valle at  


    Children's Ministries will be provided at the following MCF: Lee and Karen Valle, Moses and Jessica Kabogoza, Mark and Jami Kruschke